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Le journal qui provoque le débat sur la société + les créateurs, qui se questionne sur le fait d'être acteur de ses propres stories et propose de ne pas être seulement un simple spectateur. Parce que la réalité dépasse souvent la fiction et que les histoires insolites existent ! Alors innovons et créons ensemble.


Emily Marie Palmer : a strong voice for the American Cinema.

@eikomania.me x Anha S.L

In the cinema industry, we can meet people who change our life and our vision of things. Even from a distance, we have heart ties due to the same passion and same values. 

Emily Marie Palmer shares with us her dreams, her vision of women in film and her inspirations for the wonderful future.    

(If you want to read this interview in French)


✨ Eikomania – Hello Emily ! We almost crossed at TIFF in Toronto in 2018. Can you introduce yourself for our readers ?

Hello Anha! Yes! My dear and very talented friend Sissi Kal connected us in 2018 when we were both headed to TIFF, and any friend of Sissi’s is a friend of mine! It’s unfortunate that the stars didn’t align for us to meet that year, but I hope that they will someday soon.

Absolutely. I’m an actress, writer, songwriter, and human rights activist from the United States. I love history, mythology, religions, and folk stories and songs. I’m really deeply fascinated with life, and with people, and I think that played a significant role in drawing me to this art form. I also love nature, and all forms of movement… like hiking, dancing,and yoga.

On an ordinary day off, you’re most likely to find me outside in my garden, reading a book, or working on a creative (or human rights-related) project with a good podcast or audiobook playing in the background. :)

🎥 What is your favorite project that you realized as Filmmaker or Actress ? 

In 2018, I wrote and starred in a WWII-era short film (Les Confinés). Despite the constraints of an extremely small budget and our very limited resources, the process of creating that film was so very positive and affirming.

I discovered through that endeavor that — although I am a perfectionist in some areas of my life — I am not that way when it comes to filmmaking. It was such a wonderful experience to bring my own vision to the table, and then to be able to step back and watch the talented cast and crew fill in the gaps and bring it all to life more beautifully than I could have forced, or willed, it to be. I felt so honored to be part of that act of creation and collaboration.

I also made some beautiful lasting friendships on that little film, and the director — Joey Ciccoline — is now my husband. All in all, it was a rather magical little experience for me. :)

🌟 By the way, are you more Filmmaker or Actress ? What is your preference ? 

I truly love both. At times, acting can be somewhat draining if I’m working on a project that doesn’t have that spirit of collaboration and openness on set, or that doesn’t fully align with my values. In that respect, it is really empowering to write and produce my own work, and to be able to really set the tone and influence the energy on set.

(Of course, I try to always bring the most openness and the best energy I can to every project I take on — regardless of whether I’m in front of, or behind, the camera.)

🌙 What is your favorite anecdote or best memories from a shoot ? 

Ohh, that’s difficult. There are so many good memories!

I worked on an indie sci-fi feature a few years ago (Cryo). It was a small cast of only 5 actors, playing a team of people trapped in an underground bunker. I lived down there underground throughout the few weeks of filming, and we all grew so close and had such fun.

It felt almost like a strange and wonderful and chaotic sort of summer camp. The film was made on a shoe-string budget, and so the cast and crew were all there because they had a passion for this work, and everyone brought so much creativity and joy to the process. I had the best time on that project!

🍓 As a woman in the cinema industry, what do you think about the place of female artists ? 

Throughout so much of human history, the voice and perspective of women has been excluded, and in some cases, forcibly erased. And while, in my particular country and culture, there has never been a better time to be a woman than today, I think we still live with so many painful echoes and consequences of the violent patriarchal system that has disadvantaged and devalued women for thousands of years.

I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to be “good enough”. I think I subconsciously feel as if I need to prove myself, or to earn my right to be here, to create, to tell stories that matter to me, to prove to the world — or perhaps just to myself — that I am worthy of being heard. It’s a daily practice for me to remind myself that it is enough just to be here. Just to create. Just to speak.

I think a lot about my immense privileges. I think of all of the brilliant and talented women who have come before me, whose voices were silenced and whose stories we will never be able to hear. I carry the thought of them with me and try to hold them in my heart throughout every project I do.

That’s what I think about the place of female artists. We have been missing from the conversation for such a very long time. It is enough just to be here.

⚡️ The #MeToo Movement has changed something in the USA ? In despite of #BalanceTonPorc in France, it's still complicated for women to advocate their rights, their art and their regards... There is still a lot of work to do...

Absolutely, I think it’s similar here. I do think the #METOO movement has had an immense impact on public perception and awareness, and I think it has also demonstrated that some amount of justice is possible — even in cases where the abuser seems invincible, like Harvey Weinstein. Although there is still a lot of work to do that does give me hope, and hope matters.

✈️ How can we do to move on and see the future for women, artist and the planet too ? The ecology problem is really important today. 

I love this question. Art is so interwoven into all of the complexities of our time, so I appreciate that you included this. I wish I had all of the answers. I don’t, but I will say that my generation and the rising generation give me hope for the future.

Kurt Vonnegut said something about the role of artists that has always stayed with me:

 “ I sometimes wondered what the 
use of any of the arts was.
The best thing I could come up with 
was what I call the canary 
in the coal mine theory of the arts. 
This theory says that artists are useful to society 
because they are so sensitive.
They are supersensitive.
They keel over like canaries in poison coal mines 
long before more robust types realize
 that there is any danger whatsoever… artists 
— all artists — should be treasured as alarm systems.

🤍 Speaking of dreams... What is your biggest dream ever ? 

My biggest dream ever is for there to be equality, freedom, and for individual human rights to be respected and protected in every society on our planet. When people are treated with dignity and kindness, it creates a beautiful ripple effect.

🍿 If you had a possibility to have a main role, what is the movie or the serie in which you would have liked to play or do the sequel / the reboot ? 

If The Princess Bride wasn’t already a perfect film, I’d love to play Buttercup. :)

🐝 Who would you like to share a movie with ? 

Unfortunately we were born in different time periods, but I would have loved to work with Audrey Hepburn. She was wonderful.

🦸‍♀️ The Heroes are really important in our lives. And what is your ?

I have many heroes, so this is really difficult. But here are a few women throughout history that I really admire: 

Joan of Arc. 
Harriet Jacobs. 
Clara Barton. 
Emily Dickinson. 
Nellie Bly. 
Malala Yousafzai.

💤 I'm talking really often of the "American Dream", but if you come in France, what is your "French Dream" ? 

Ahh, I do have French dreams! My husband, Joey, and I are actually working on obtaining our Italian citizenship, and once we are members of the EU, we have dreams of living somewhere in France, with a little cottage where we can raise a family, and host gatherings of friends and fellow artists. :)

✏️ What are your projects at the end of this pandemic ? 

I have a few things in the works currently. I’m most excited about a screenplay I’m working on. It’s a 19th-century thriller that follows a small, isolated group of emigrants going West on the Oregon Trail.

☘️ A positive words for the Readers ? 

One of my most beloved poets and thinkers, John O’Donohue, says this in his book, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom: 

If you send out goodness from yourself, 
or if you share that which is happy or good within you,
 it will all come back to you multiplied ten thousand times. 
In the kingdom of love there is no competition; 
there is no possessiveness or control. 
The more love you give away, 
the more love you will have. 

I think this is such a valuable thing to remember in all areas of our lives — including in our art.

🍰 Thank you so much, I wish you the best ! 

Thank you, Anha! It’s been my pleasure. I look forward to someday meeting in person. :)